I am Beatrice Cumberbatch


… and I am not nearly so clever as I think I am. But I am deeply infatuated with Sir Benedict Cumberbatch and inseparably attached to Beatrice of the Bard’s Much Ado About Nothing. I am also an avid lover of the written word (preferably Austen’s), theatre (preferably Shakespeare’s), dinosaurs (preferably Mamenchisaurus), and coffee (always Fair Trade). An actor and an activist, a feminist and a hick, a loud mouth and deep  thinker, a muddled ball of contradictions as my high school theatre teacher once said.

That same teacher (who I hope is reading this blog now) also told me I had a story worth telling. And I believe, as I spend this next year working in inner city Richmond as a teacher and tutor, that story will become one worth sharing. So, I present this blog as a forum for discussion not only about current gender equality issues, social injustice, and my untamable love for all things bread-related, but more importantly as a place to share stories from my experience at Church Hill Activities and Tutoring.

What is this Church Hill Activities and Tutoring you ask? I knew you would. CHAT is a gospel-based program designed to “equip and serve the youth of Church Hill to make transformative decisions, ultimately changing lives and revitalizing communities”. CHAT is a “faith-based community of Church Hill neighbors and friends who share a passionate belief in the power of fellowship to transform communities,” that hires young people like myself to come and be missional teachers and tutors for the youth they serve. Combined with the unfailing love of Jesus Christ, CHAT believes that education is key to the healing and success of North Church Hill. I get to be a part of that and I’m hoping you will join me for the ride. 

But more on CHAT later. I am now supposed to promise to write everyday about one particular thing, in one particular way, but I won’t because I’m Micah and you can’t make me.


One thought on “I am Beatrice Cumberbatch

  1. Isn’t it all so Amazing? The Lord said before I saw your face He had a Plan for you. I never doubted it. I just never dreamed it would include Jane & our Beloved Beatrice! Blog on Child of Grace, Blog on!

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