Je Vous Presente: Premiere Partie

Allow Me to Introduce You: Part One

I’m teaching myself French. My accent is terrible and actually burns the ears of those who hear it, but my grammar is pretty ok. In any case, if you intend to stick with this blog of mine (and I hope you do) there are a few people you need to meet. So, allow me to introduce to you just one of many people that makes my world go round…

Je vous presente Rachel Layne:

Lover of Jesus
Fellow Christian Feminist Theologian
Student at University of Virginia
Bread Fanatic
Dryly Hilarious Comic
Self-Proclaimed Einstein
Coffee Shop Connoisseur

Rachel and Micah 2

It is the first day of school and smallish children in new clothes with new backpacks file into the room. Setting their backpacks down and (reluctantly) placing their lunch boxes in a cubby hole, the children mill about looking for potential friends and soul mates. Enter class bully making a beeline for a cute little brunette with some seriously intense eyewear.
Bully: Hey four eyes! (smacking at glasses)
Rachel: Ahhhh!
Enter plucky little blonde, late as usual, with horse lunch box and a don’t-screw-with-me attitude rushing towards bully and glasses girl.
Micah: HEY! Don’t you ever do that again! (pushing Bully aside and leading Rachel toward a little plastic chair)
Rachel: Thanks… You wanna be best friends forever?
Micah: Sure!

13 years later and here we are. Rachel no longer needs my protection (mostly because she got rid of those monstrous glasses and replaced them with contacts) ((I kid, she’s just awesome now)), but we are still the best of friends. Rachel and Micah 3She is the most intelligent, open, honest, friendly, level-headed person I know. She is the constant logic to my hair-brained schemes while simultaneously being the life of the party. More seriously, she is my rock, my sounding board, my forever friend. Rachel is one of the very few people in this world that I trust entirely and without question.Rachel and Micah 5

I can’t live without her; in fact, I don’t want to imagine a world without her. She was born two days before me and I firmly believe that two days is all I could last without her in my life.

Rachel and Micah 1Some have called us the classic blonde/brunette best friend pair, but we are so much more than that. She is so much more than that. So, if you plan on spending any time with me, expect to be hearing a lot about her.



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