I Wrote a Poem for You

This is what a feminist looks like

I wrote a poem, a sort of slam poem one might say, and spent a great deal of time deciding whether or not to share it with you all. But I’m pretty proud of it. And even though it’s better read aloud, I’m still excited to present it to you. So here it is.

Love, the Ladies

Don’t tell me
That I’ll understand when I’m older
Don’t tell me
It’s the natural order of things
Because my God does not create inferior beings
Don’t tell me
The proverbial “he” is naturally stronger
More worthy
Nearer to the Divine
Don’t steep me in those lies

Don’t tell me
That I’ll get it when I’m married
That marriage will “tame me”
Mold me
Change me into something meek
Don’t label me as soft, kind, gracious, sweet
Without remembering me as
Vital, empowered, incredible, set apart
Don’t tell me I’m your “baby”
Your “doll face”
Your lesser
Don’t you dare place me in that box
Good luck trying
For though I am little, I am mighty
And I will not go down without a fight

Don’t tell me that this is Biblical
“The way it’s supposed to be”

Don’t tell me
What I like
Who I am
What I can and can’t do
Don’t saddle me
With your weakness
Don’t associate me
With soft, baby pink
And if you do
Know that it is the strongest color
I could’ve chosen

Don’t tell me
That I’m fragile
Don’t place those assumptions on me
Don’t tell me
That I’m pretty
But neglect to mention that I am

Don’t you even tell me
That it wasn’t his fault
That my dress was too short
And my mind too impaired
Don’t tell me
I should’ve fought
When my body
Don’t tell me
That I must have wanted it
Because I didn’t scream
Don’t you dare
Call this a “woman’s problem”
Which only allows you to absolve yourself of the
To make me a statistic
Instead of a survivor
A survivor
Tell me I’m a survivor

Don’t tell me
That I’m fighting a losing battle
That I’m trudging uphill
That I can never win
Don’t even try to tell me
That I am alone
For I am surrounded
By Beloved Warriors
I am held up
By the Almighty Creator
The Great I Am
He Who Provides
She Who Is

Don’t you dare tell me
That we’re past all this
Don’t tell me
That I can relax
That we are all equal now
Don’t criminalize
The “F” word
Don’t forget
That every “ism” has “ists”
And we are mighty
We are many
And we are growing

Don’t tell me any of that
Don’t you dare

Tell me
You’re in
Tell me
You love deeply
For eternity
Tell me
You’ll pick up your sword
And take your place alongside of me
Tell me you will fight valiantly
Until this war is won

Bring to me
Your talents and gifts
Your concerns and reservations
Your weapons and war cries
Your peace signs and olive branches
Show me
Who you are
And what you’ve got

Promise me
Promise me now
Vow to me
That you will love yourself
Enough to fight
Give me your word
That you will believe in the
Power of Yourself
In the
Beauty of Yourself
That you will never give up hope

So ready the horses

There’s an army rising up


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