Je Vous Presente

Je vous présente Tricia Jane:

Lover of Jesus
Student at VCUArts
Incredibly Talented Dancer and Vocalist
Kick Ass Gamer
Hopeless Romantic

Tricia and Micah 4

Talk about #tbt, this girl has been in my life since Day One, and that was a very complicated day. Our friendship has been one of extremes: great love and loyalty accompanied with great pain and complexity. When the above picture was taken, our relationship was in a particularly weird place… let’s just say we haven’t always followed Girl Code Rule #1: Sisters before Misters. Tricia and I have endured so much together and we always seem to come out on the other side

Tricia and Micah 1

But we’ve learned a lot and are now more dedicated followers of the sacred Girl Code. Tricia Jane is incredibly gracious, talented, exceptional, brave, beautiful, strong, honest, and authentic. Her physical beauty is genuinely breathtaking and should not be underemphasized, but her heart is her crowning glory.  Once a bubbling ball of soprano shrieking, Tricia has evolved into an elegant warrior for Christ. She is currently lighting up the Richmond theatre scene with Jesus’ love. In fact, light is the best way to describe my dear friend Tricia. She is a spotlight in the deepest dark, a candle when the power goes out, and a familiar bonfire of passion and warmth. I am convinced that God has no problem finding her on this giant Earth because she must glow like a car dealership having a “Midnight Blowout!”

Tricia and Micah 5

Often mistaken for sisters, Tricia and I are known for our super tight harmonies during worship, our ear-splitting screaming powers, and our strange ability to remain close after all we’ve put each other through. I am deeply and truly grateful for this girl. She has molded and shaped me in a way that only she could. She has taught me forgiveness. She has taught me what it is to be genuinely worshipful. She has shown me grace. I love you Tricia Jane Wiles, thank you for being my spotlight on the darkest of stages.

Tricia and Micah 3


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