20 Things On My First 20th On This 22nd

Today, July the 22, marks the completion of my first month of being 20. So, with the rise of “list blogging” I figured I would share 20 things about myself on this 22nd. A fairly blunt person, I always wish it was socially acceptable to be brutally honest about who you are upon meeting someone. So, I give you the 20 things I wish I could share without making a terribly awkward first impression.

Cupcake me

Salut! Je m’appelle Micah Fae!

Paris is

1) I freaking love language. Yo hablo espanol y/et j’apprends le Francais! I hope to fluently speak/sign 4 languages by the time I’m 30, those languages being Spanish, French, Italian, and ASL.


2) I love Jesus. Like a lot.



3) I also love coffee… almost as much as I love Jesus…



4) The third of my great loves is my dog Mackenzie. A breathtaking golden retriever girl, my love for whom is unrivaled by any human love I have ever felt. I often tell my friends that I could never love a man as much as I love that dog… and that’s totally accurate.


no patriarchy

5) I’m a feminist. I believe in the complete social, religious, economic, political, and cultural equality of all genders. I do not believe that men and women are made for different “roles” but I by no means hate men… even if I could never love one like I love Mac Loo.



6) I’m mildly obsessed with dinosaurs… My soul dinosaur being the Mamenchisaurus.



7) I will only use a well-lit bathroom stall. In fact, in my church, I have claimed a toilet as my own. His name is Lenny.


Headshot 1

8) The only physical characteristic I like about myself is my hair, for which I use shampoo made for horses… it’s not weird.


oh ian...

9) As my beloved Nikolle so delicately put it “You’re wonderfully intelligent but you watch a lot of crap TV”. For example, I am shamefully obsessed (and I do mean obsessed) with the Vampire Diaries. Mmmmm Ian Somerhalder…


jc rew

10) I have (and wear) dress shorts even though… what in the heck is a “dress short”. Ah J Crew… you are my downfall…


11) I have trust issues… not that I’d tell you where they stem from… I don’t trust you enough for that.


IPV No more

12) I am deeply committed to ending sexual assault and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).



13) I’ve never had a manicure. Or pedicure for that matter. And I am totally ok with that.



14) I’ve spent so much of my life singing harmony for beautiful vocalists like Tricia Jane Wiles that I actually can’t hear melody lines. My mom and I make a practice of driving down the road switching radio stations while she tells me whether or not I’ve found the melody line, which I never have…



15) I feel most at home with the homeless of New York City.



16) I am so small that I can still fit into clothing worn by 5th graders. Most people envy this “skill”, but struggling to find a wardrobe not entirely comprised of rainbow socks and bubble gum pink dresses is actually fairly difficult.


alie hats

17) I can’t add. Like, at all. No exaggeration here. 5+8= not a clue.



18) I have a deep-seated fear of being fat. Having said that, some days I eat like a football player and others I eat nothing at all. But I will eat ALL the trailmix!



19) If you’ve met me, you’ve met my journal. My recycled paper composition notebook is plastered with stickers proudly proclaiming “EAT FRESH, EAT LOCAL”, “PAINTED LADY TATTOOS: Hell Yeah It Hurt!”, “Shenendoah Valley Justice Initiative”, and of course a drawing of a dinosaur from a children’s sticker book. It goes everywhere I go and holds many a private thought.


let me be that iam

20) I am hyper-critical, brutally honest, and upsettingly judgmental. I don’t like to be touched and I’m a book snob. I love animals more than people and will always choose a kitty cuddle over any other kind. But like my animals I am loyal and odd and enigmatic. So “let me be that I am and seek not to alter me”.


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