Why Do You Choose To Love Me?

Recently, I was asked to portray Mary the Mother of Jesus for East End Fellowship’s Youth Group gathering. Our theme this semester is Back to the Future, so this week we wanted to discuss the past and how it affects our future. In a stroke of pastoral genius, Rashad had the students travel to three […]

20 Things On My First 20th On This 22nd

Today, July the 22, marks the completion of my first month of being 20. So, with the rise of “list blogging” I figured I would share 20 things about myself on this 22nd. A fairly blunt person, I always wish it was socially acceptable to be brutally honest about who you are upon meeting someone. […]

Marginalizing My Existence Is Not A Way Of Flirting Sir

I work as a Server at a fairly conservative, very successful restaurant chain in my very conservative, not as successful small town. For the most part, I really enjoy my job. The customers are friendly and excessively southern; my coworkers are generally cordial and well-meaning. The atmosphere is helpful and family-oriented with an ambience created […]

Je Vous Presente

Je vous présente Tricia Jane: Lover of Jesus Dreamer Student at VCUArts Incredibly Talented Dancer and Vocalist That-Weird-Girlie-Tomboy-Mix-Girl Kick Ass Gamer Hopeless Romantic Missionary Leader Talk about #tbt, this girl has been in my life since Day One, and that was a very complicated day. Our friendship has been one of extremes: great love and loyalty accompanied […]

Je Vous Presente: Premiere Partie

Allow Me to Introduce You: Part One I’m teaching myself French. My accent is terrible and actually burns the ears of those who hear it, but my grammar is pretty ok. In any case, if you intend to stick with this blog of mine (and I hope you do) there are a few people you need […]

I am Beatrice Cumberbatch

… and I am not nearly so clever as I think I am. But I am deeply infatuated with Sir Benedict Cumberbatch and inseparably attached to Beatrice of the Bard’s Much Ado About Nothing. I am also an avid lover of the written word (preferably Austen’s), theatre (preferably Shakespeare’s), dinosaurs (preferably Mamenchisaurus), and coffee (always Fair Trade). […]